Full Belly Deli, where even our name’s a mouthful

We’re foodies, oh yes! We lurve to pimp out food.mango_salad-400

We used to be office slaves ourselves (now we’re kitchen slaves) and know how difficult it can be to get a decent lunch, which doesn’t just involve a floppy tasteless ham sandwich eeeevery day. Zzzz

So… we decided to create a distinctive menu of tasty and original lunch ideas; sandwiches, pastas and salads; each one carefully prepared to order with quality fresh ingredients and delivered to your work place in time for lunch.

We’ve got some old favourites, some healthy options and some that pack a punch. We’ve also given them all silly names, just for a bit of fun (’cause we’re the bosses, and we can).

We’re hoping all the pictures of our yummy lunches can get your tummy rumbling. Why not take a look while you’re here?  Go on, you know you want to ;-)