Cutting down on the carbs? You could try one of our freshly prepared salad boxes. Leafy, crunchy, fruity, spicy, meaty or noodly; we’re sure we’ve got something to appeal to your taste buds.

21. Hail Caesar

Chicken & bacon in a parmesan, garlic and mayo dressing with herby croutons


22. Hard Core Prawn

Atlantic prawns in our home made spicy mayo dressing with mango, garnished with tomato & spring onion


23. Name That Tuna

Tuna, edamame beans, spring onions and cucumber in a cool mint & yoghurt dressing


24. Use Your Noodle

Egg noodles with chicken, sweetcorn & crunchy vegetables in a teryaki dressing


25. What A Pickle

Mature cheddar cheese, sweet pickle chutney, silverskin pickled onions & apple slices on a bed of crispy salad dressed with a honey & mustard vinegarette


26. No Man Goes Where A Mango Goes

Chicken breast with fresh sliced mango, birds eye chillies, red onion, red peppers and coriander, in a sweet chilli dressing. It might look sweet and innocent but look out, it bites!