Why not treat yourself to one of our freshly made to order, extra special sandwiches or wraps? First, choose from a selection of breads: multiseeded baton, ciabatta, sesame seed bagel, crispy baguette or soft white/wholemeal batons; or a wrap. Then, choose your filling

1. Mariachi Bandit

Mexican spice seasoned roast chicken breast, zingy salsa & chilli cheese with lettuce


2. Club Tropicana

Roast chicken breast, crispy bacon, pineapple, salad & creamy mayonnaise


3. Barmy Pastrami

Delicately peppered pastrami, sweet onion chutney, cream cheese & rocket

4. Splarmiham

Salami, parma ham & smoked cheese with fresh crispy salad & wholegrain mustard


5. Pass The Pesto

Chicken breast in red pepper pesto marinade, mozzarella, tomatoes & lettuce


6. Wacky Teryaki

Marinated teryaki chicken breast with crispy lettuce, red onion & tomatoes


8. Shhhhmokin

Applewood smoked cheese, with apple chutney, crispy lettuce leaves & cucumber


9. Greek Tragedy

Roasted red peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber & feta cheese with a generous spreading of humous


10. Amateur Prawn

Sweet chilli prawns with red onion, mango, tomatoes & fresh coriander


11. Aaachoo!...na

Tuna, covered with a balsamic dressing, with sweetcorn, red onions & subtley peppery rocket leaves