After seeing multiple people doing this on Pinterest I thought I’d give it a go, putting your fav pics on a canvas.

First I got the kids to pose, each armed with large numbers that we made and cut out, each number corresponds to the child’s age.

I got these printed in a panoramic style poster print as this was the nearest size match to my canvasses. I took each of my 4 canvasses and sprayed them black with some craft paint (acrylic spray) including the sides of the canvas.

Then I stuck my pictures down with modpodge (this seems to be an American PVA based glue which you can make yourself but I thought it best to use the right stuff to make sure I didn’t ruin my pics). Once this is done cover your pics with a layer of glue, this is very scary like covering your kids in fog!

The best way I found to do this is to use a sponge applicator and dab the modpodge over the prints, you can paint it on with a brush but it tends to have a streaky finish and you can see the brush lines. Once done leave to dry and there you go! Didn’t cost nearly as much as buying a canvas print and yet it looks fab :D


Crayon art part deux


Having another go at the crayon art this time with the heart in the centre :)

Nature, nature all around

I think the correct term for what I have been doing is scrumping


I gave all the kids (and the other half) bags and off we went in search of blackberries! I thought it was too early in the season, but apparantly not they are everywhere.

Case in point :) and what do you do with an abundance of blackberries?

CRUMBLE, apple and blackberry YUM!

Summer project

Yes, I have been quiet for a while. My son’s room has kept me occupied for a number of weeks now. 95% done

…. And on the other wall clone troopers, took a while to do but worth it

One of those jobs that you start and wonder where it’s gonna end :D