Pancake bites


20130927-131752.jpgAnother lunchbox item that’s becoming a fast favourite, and all it takes is making some pancake batter and pouring it into a bun tray. You can add anything to this sweet or savoury I have chosen to keep them sweet with some bananas, pear and chocolate and apples.


5 mins before they were cooked in the oven at 200 I added some honey, this does obviously make them sticky to put in a lunchbox so I had to individually wrap each one in grease proof paper. To avoid this just keep it simple with fruit and nuts and don’t bother with the honey I have mainly done this as my 5 year old is incredibly fussy and I’m trying to encourage him to widen his food range once he is accepting the pancakes I will be knocking the honey on the head (sneaky mum tactics!)


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